I think this is applicable to just about everyone on the planet. Growing up is hard…very hard, and its painful to look back and see just how much sacrifice growing up takes.
Its even harder when you know you were someone else’s sacrifice.

Btw it wasn’t bc we got in a fight we just went to different groups lol

Or even just because they one day decided you weren’t worth talking with…




I think this is applicable to just about everyone on the planet. Growing up is hard…very hard, and its painful to look back and see just how much sacrifice growing up takes.

Its even harder when you know you were someone else’s sacrifice.

Btw it wasn’t bc we got in a fight we just went to different groups lol

Or even just because they one day decided you weren’t worth talking with…

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"Excellent job. No, really."

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You know why this is my favorite scene in the whole episode? There’s several reasons.

-It shows how much they care for each other and that they do have feelings, even though they both act so tough all the time.

-Zetto doesn’t seem to want Kizuna to spend all her time working. He cares enough to try to persuade her to take a break, but it’s easy to tell that she’s stubborn.

-They’re two of my favorite characters. I’ve wanted them to have more screen time.

-It’s just a really great scene.

This is my least favorite scene. I love all of those things that you said about it, but IF KIZUNA HAD GONE AND PAID CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE STATUE THEY WOULD HAVE FOUND THE FP. AND I JUST. GUH.

Finally got around to reblogging this. 

I get what you’re saying. We could have got a whole season of them fighting the Netkings, but the whole show revolves around the Forbidden Power and our five heroes. So it’s not going to be a ‘Oh look I found the Forbidden Power now we can go back to having pure fun,’. Also, it wouldn’t be that easy to defeat the Forbidden Power.

Kizuna was trying her hardest. The poor girl didn’t even sleep much. They’ll find the Forbidden Power eventually!~


Taco Bell is the most important meal of the day.


I made the giffy thing


I made the giffy thing


Best Storm Hawks moment ever

Streaming TOME!


Please come watch it will start soon.

Those who saw this earlier would be annoyed with me because of livestream but fret not for I Rawlin “MASTER OF SWITCHING APPS!” found a better place. Here is the new link 

it will start at 8pm est time here http://www.twitch.tv/taromaster4/

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If you get a note like this from this guy, ignore it. Delete it. If you ask what his daughter likes, he’ll try sending you a very suspicious folder with random art in it, as well as a virus.


Please spread this around because someone who doesn’t know any better can really wind up getting screwed over. Thank you!

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reblog if you are a NERD who loves DRAGONS








Who image



like dragons?

They can be loyal


or they can be firce


How can you not love dragons?


They are like huge cats





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lovelyosborn said: Okay, I wanna be educated, so WHAT IN GALLIFREY ARE THE BOOKS OF BAYERN?



These beauties right here. They are the Book of Bayern. A lot of people dismiss them as stupid fairy tail want-to-bes, but they are far from it. Also the descriptions on the cover are shit they only describe the fist 60 page of per book. Now allow me to break it down book by book. (If my terminology it wrong I apologize. I haven’t read them since 7th grade)



This fab book follows the wonderful Yellow Woman Andori aka Ani aka Isi. She is a bamf and pure awesomeness. She is the princess of a small kingdom called Kildenree. When she was a baby her aunt taught her the language of birds, but her mom said it was inappropriate for a princess and it’s inferred the reason her aunt left is because the queen made her. Well for the rest of her childhood Ani is treated like a delicate fuck because one night after her aunt left and she was banished from visiting the goose pond Ani sneaks out and nearly dies of hypothermia next to said pond. The only time she’s not treated like a delicate flower is when she goes riding with her dad, but one day he falls off his horse cause he’s stupid and dies. At his funeral Ani’s ass hole mother announces that instead of Ani taking the throne like she was supposed to she is going to marry the Prince of Bayern, a monstrous country that could destroy Kildenree just by sneezing, and her bro Caleb will take the Kildenree throne instead. Now the thing is on Ani’s trip to Bayern a crazy person, who I will not name do to spoilers, attacks Ani’s party and takes Ani’s place as the princess. Ani escapes, but the imposter puts a bounty on her head so ANi is trying to get back her identity and kill the bitch that took it from her all while working as a goose keeper at the castle and trying to get back in touch with her bird speak ,and learning she can also speak wind like a pro. And that’s super awesome cause wind was a lost language.



This book right here is the best one. This book takes place a few months after the Goose Girl and follows Ani’s (who now goes by Isi) best friend and all around bamf Enna. Enna is back chillin at her home when her bro shows up with some crazy ass fire wood. Well the fire wood has got fire language written all over it and he reads it and can now control fire. He decides to be a medieval super hero and joins the army to fight the on coming war with Tira. Well he’s a dumb fuck and burns himself out by barbequing the enemies, thus barbequing himself. Liefer is very stupid. Well anyway Enna is like “Dumb brospeh what is wrong with you. What was so great about your secret fire stick anyway” and reads the stick herself. Well obviously she get’s the fire powers now, and the book is her trying to stop the war dealing with People Speaking dick rags (people who are very talented in getting people to do shit because they are basically super charismatic brain washers), and trying not to get burned from the inside out like her bro. READ IT!



THIS BOOK IS A RIOT BECAUSE RAZO IS THE LEAD! Razo is another old friend of Isi’s and Enna’s and happens to be a soldier for Bayern. This book follows him trying to hunt down a dick wad trying to sabotage the peace meeting between Tira  and Bayern to stop the war. HE also runs into super mega badass Dasha during this who is the Tiran ambassador. He learns that she speaks water like a bamf for once it’s the boy that is a love sick puppy and not the girl. Dasha ends up saving Razo’s ass multiple times and Razo get’s self esteem BECAUSE HECK YEAH THIS BOOK HAS VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS!



Then we have the finale installment, Forest Born. This one follows Rin who is Razo’s mega badass little sister who could probably kill anyone one and everyone except Enna cause Enna is the best Rin is having issues cause she used to seek comfort from the trees. She doesn’t know why but when she was younger she felt like she could almost understand them and they’d always reflect back her happiest thoughts, memories, and feelings to her. But then she pulled a dick move and now the tree’s make her feel like shit there’s no other way to put it. She figures getting a job at the castle with her bro Razo and his pals in the city away from the trees would help. but NO! Some bitch comes and kidnaps Isi’s adorable as fuck kid and the entire fucking group is crazed and more war almost starts and Rin saves everyone and finally the wicked bitch is gone because Rin saves the day! (There’s more to it but this is just me explaining it quickly trust me it’s fab)

In conclusion this series is great and wonderful. It never get’s the love it deserves and people really should love it. It’s great for people on tumblr because of the great  strong female leads in it. Men aren’t depended on and women take care of there own shit. Not to mention name a Frozen AU with different powers and you have four of them right here. READ THIS PERFECT SERIES!!! GIVE IT LOTS  OF LOVE! Please and thank you this was a PSA by Murray

fight    or    flight

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I’ve got this KinKim idea that I would love to write, but I can’t get it into words.

The plot is basically Corey and Laney[or originally Carrie and Larry] use Kin’s time machine to go back in time. They have to watch several moments between Kim and Kin until they get to the day when Kin asks Kim out. So the two have to decide to go with their original plan to ruin the original event or let Kin be happy with Kim

But like I said I can’t get it to work either way. Anybody want to try?

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